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4-Color personality test

The Bridge Personality is the most widely used 4-color personality test by businesses and organizations for over 15 years. No license or training needed. Also suitable for teams: a handy team report is available. The perfect 4-color test for HR departments and coaches. You can order this test individually (per candidate) or administer it through your own account on our online assessment platform.

What is a 4-color personality test?

This 4-color personality test provides insight into peoples’ behavioral preferences by using the easy and accessible 4-color model (blue, red, yellow, and green). The Bridge Personality (4-color personality test) offers tools for accelerated personal growth, team development, improving sales effectiveness, and leadership development. There are individual 4-color personality reports available as well as team reports. 

The famous 4-color model

The well-known 4-color model provides insight into personal preferences. It is exactly this simplicity that makes the model so popular: just tell me what your first color is, and I will know the best way to interact or communicate with you.

4 color personality test

How does this 4-color test work?

This 4-color test (The Bridge Personality) is a very reliable and valid personality test to measure the four colors of your employees and job applicants. Because this smart test uses algorithms to measure whether the test-taker was honest during its completion, you always get a reliable and valid picture of your candidate or employee. A team report is also available for teams.

Order a 4-color personality test

  • You can order a 4-color personality test for your candidate or employee at our order page;
  • Select 'personality test' and then the '4-color report';
  • You can order from any country in the world;
  • Only available for companies and organizations;
  • Your candidate or employee can get started within just 30 minutes;
  • After completing the test, the report is immediately available;
  • Large purchase? Get a corporate account on The Bridge Assessment platform.

Sample report: 4-color personality test

In addition to scores on the 34 competencies, the 4-color personality test report provides insight into behavioral preferences using the easy and accessible 4-color model (blue, green, red, and yellow) and offers concrete tools for the development of work performance on individual, team, and organizational levels.

For use in teams: the 4-color team report

The Bridge Personality can also be used for teams, for which a 4-color team report is available. 

Why the 4-color model works well for team development

High-performing teams are essential for successful organizations. Teams that perform well often have one thing in common: cooperation and mutual communication is optimal. Teams that perform on a lesser level often look for a way to improve this communication, and they can find this in the 4-color model. The four colors are easy to remember, are 'value-free', and are not judgmental. The colors are preferences for behavior and are therefore not right or wrong. Everyone has preferences and if you recognize and understand those of your team members, better cooperation quickly arises. The 4-color model helps with this.

4-color team workshop: do-it-yourself kit

Do you want to organize a team workshop to use the 4-color test and team report within your team? We have a team workshop: do-it-yourself kit available. With this do-it-yourself kit, you get all the tools to deliver your own 4-color team workshop. 

Features of the 4-color test

  • Comprehensive and user-friendly personality report;
  • Available in 20 languages, including Dutch, English, German, French, and Spanish;
  • Perfect for teams (a team report is also available);
  • Can be used to produce a tailored report: select the desired competencies yourself;
  • Personal suggestions for development;
  • Insight into management style and collaboration style;
  • Develop interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Strengthen collaboration with colleagues.

The 4-color personality test report

The report of the 4-color personality test provides scores on 34 competences, determines the color preference (blue, green, red, and yellow) of the candidate, and gives scores on eight general competences. This way, you have the most complete overview of the personality of your candidate.

4-Color Team Workshop: do-it-yourself kit

The team report produced by the 4-color personality test gives you a clear overview of the different color preferences in your team and is the perfect basis for a team workshop. With the do-it-yourself team workshop package, you can now organize your very own Bridge Personality team workshop. Once you’re equipped with the right tools, you’ll be ready to start working with your team yourself, at the time and place you choose - no external trainer required.

Frequently asked questions about the 4-color personality test

  • What is the difference between this 4-Color Personality Test and Insights Discovery?

  • The Bridge Personality 4-color personality test is much more comprehensive than Insights Discovery. Because the test is scientifically-developed, the candidate's color preference will also be more reliable and valid.

  • How do I use this 4-color test for my team?

  • It’s very simple. Each team member completes the test, and then a team report is produced by the system.

  • Does every personality have a color?

  • Yes. Each person has a dominant color. As with the DISC model, for example, The Bridge Personality distinguishes 4 colors: red, green, blue, and yellow.

  • What is the theory behind the 4-color model?

  • As with tests such as the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Insights Discovery, the theory behind the 4-color model is based on the ideas of Carl Jung.

  • What does this 4-color test cost per participant?

  • If you subscribe to The Bridge Assessment Platform (via credits or unlimited use), this test is available starting at 15 euros per candidate. You can also order the test separately (per candidate), at a cost of 145 euros. You can find all prices on the prices page.

  • What kind of supporting materials are available for the 4-color personality questionnaire?

  • TestGroup has various materials available for the use of The Bridge Personality 4-color test. These can be ordered separately, but you will also receive them individually if you opt for an introduction package. For example, there is a handy explanation booklet (The Bridge Personality: the booklet for candidates), a package containing color cards of each color and, of course, the 4-color presentation (sheets) that you can use during your own training or workshop.

  • What is the 4-color test team workshop DIY package?

  • In the team workshop: do-it-yourself package you get the tools to organize a team workshop yourself. This package includes the workshop sheets, a 4-color personality test for each participant, a team report, and a handy booklet for each participant with an explanation of the 4-color test and the team report.

  • What do the colors red, blue, green, and yellow mean?

  • Each color describes a preference for certain behaviors. Do you want to know what your color is? Then complete The Bridge Personality 4-color personality test.

    People with a red preference respond quickly, and are often quite straightforward in their responses. The color blue is characterized by a preference for organizing, reacting more slowly and cautiously, and a preference for analysis and details. People with a preference for green often respond calmly, seek connection, and tend to avoid conflict. The color yellow stands for creativity, no preference for routine, and a focus on the future.

  • Why does the 4-color model work so well in teams?

  • If you understand the preferences and communication style of your colleagues, you can better estimate how team members will react in certain situations. This knowledge helps a team to communicate better with one another. Achieving an improved level of understanding between each other ensures better cooperation. By finding out the color preference of the team members, you also know which color is still missing in the team. For example, you could supplement a team full of red people with a team member with a green preference. This way you can put together the optimal team.

  • What is the language of color?

  • The 4-color model gives you insight into your own reactions in a fun and easy-to-understand way and can help you better understand why others (e.g. colleagues or team members) behave in a certain way. The four colors are easy to remember and are not a judgment as to whether certain behavior is right or wrong. It is a preference for a certain behavior and therefore value-free. After all, everyone has preferences. The 4-color model makes these preferences transparent, without judging. For example, 'this marketing meeting full of blue people could use some yellow' sounds a lot friendlier than: ‘this team is not creative’.

  • How does the 4-color wheel work?

  • There are 3 rings in the 4-color wheel of The Bridge Personality. The 4 colors, 8 major types, and 24 subtypes yield 72 positions in the color wheel. Each position in the wheel has a unique order of colors on which the preferred behavior of that type is based. The distribution per ring has to do with the relative focus or spread for the first three preferred colors. Inner ring: three colors above the centerline. Middle ring: two colors above the centerline. Outer ring: one color above the centerline. It is also possible to be in more than one position in the wheel; your conscious (normative) and less conscious (ipsative) preferences are then different. It is not possible to have a preference for all four colors. There is always at least one color that is (relatively) more difficult for you. But it is also accessible, although its use depends on the circumstances and may require a little more effort.

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