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The Bridge Personality: Team Workshop

What do you want to achieve with your team? What goals does the team have? Where are areas for improvement and where can your team use extra motivation? The Bridge Personality Team Workshop improves team performance. We can organize this workshop for you or we can give you the tools to organize the team workshop yourself. In the workshop, we use the Bridge Personality Team report. This tool helps teams work together more effectively.


Whatever team you work with, the Bridge Personality team report helps people work better together, enhancing the success of the organization. The Bridge Personality provides unique insight into what moves people. The team report allows you to quickly analyze your team and use exercises and advice to improve team performance.

  • Duration: 1 day or half day;
  • For whom: teams;
  • This is an in-company training, so you can choose the date and location yourself;
  • Group size: maximum 10 - 12 participants;
  • Includes: per participant: personal Bridge Personality Color report;
  • Includes: Bridge Personality team report, prepared for the team;
  • Based on the 16 Jung Types and the 4 personality colors;


The Bridge Personality team workshop works by increasing insights about your own behavior and that of your colleagues. This makes communication and behavioral patterns visible, which prevents conflicts, allows for more pleasant working, and helps the team achieve a better result together. After a workshop, each team member receives the Bridge Personality team report and his own personal Bridge Personality Color report.

  • You become aware of your preferred work styles and that of your team;
  • Improve communication within the team;
  • Learn to make optimal use of the differences in our team;
  • Contribute to the individual development of your team members;
  • Collaboration is improved by recognizing and appreciating the differences between team members;
  • Creating a pleasant working environment in which the talents of the team members are used to their full potential.

For whom

The Bridge Personality team workshop is suitable for teams. In terms of size, you can think of a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 12. We can also teach you how to give this workshop yourself; please feel free to contact us to enquire about this option.

Sample reports

You will receive the Bridge Personality Color report for each team member. This report is required by the participants during the team session. You will also receive a Bridge Personality team report for the entire team. Our reports also are available in English if that is the primary language spoken by your team.

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