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The Bridge Career: Vocational career test

The Bridge Career Vocational: the most comprehensive vocational (intermediate vocational education) career test in the world. Yet the test only takes 30 minutes, due to the incorporation of clever algorithms (AI). For companies, organizations, and private individuals. Can be ordered from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., every day of the week. The report is available immediately. Order now to enjoy the temporary promotional price of € 89! (Normal price: € 119)

How does it work?

The Bridge Career Vocational is a professional career test that describes the vocational study that suits you best. The Bridge Career consists of 312 questions, making it the most comprehensive vocational career choice test in the Netherlands. Yet the test only takes 30 minutes, due to the incorporation of sophisticated AI algorithms.

How to start with The Bridge Career: Vocational

  • You can order a Bridge Career: Vocational at our order page;
  • Select 'Career Test: Vocational' from the order page.
  • Rates starting from € 19!
  • Available for businesses, organizations, and private individuals.
  • We will create and send you the access details for The Bridge Career the same day.
  • The candidate completes the test.
  • Planning on using tests and online assessments in high volume? Opt for a more cost-efficient corporate account on The Bridge Assessment Platform.

Features of The Bridge Career Vocational Test

The Bridge Career is a career test that can be used to select an occupation or career. You can order The Bridge Career through a personal account on our Bridge assessment platform or you can purchase it as a single test. 

  • Latest technology: get better advice by applying algorithms (AI);
  • Choose from 232 vocational professions;
  • Get started right away: your order will be processed within 30 minutes;
  • Indicates which vocational programs suit you best (from high to low);
  • The report is available immediately after completion;
  • Gain insight into your career preferences and career anchors.

Why The Bridge Career Vocational?

A professional Vocational career test, such as The Bridge Career, helps students find the right vocational study. If you know which professions suit your interests and preferences, you will be better able to choose the right vocational study. Ultimately, when choosing a vocational education program, it is about finding a job that suits you after your studies. You can order this test separately (per candidate) or via your own account on The Bridge Assessment Platform.

Sample report: The Bridge Career Vocational

The Bridge Career Vocational report indicates your preferences on 232 vocational professions and vocational educations. Your courses and professions are displayed from top to bottom, so you know exactly which professions suit you best. The report also includes your scores on 8 career anchors. Career anchors are the factors that you find most important in your work and education. Are you curious about your report? Then fill in The Bridge Career test.

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