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Character Test

A character is a test or questionnaire that measure the character traits of your candidate. A perfect tool foor recruitment or selection of employees. Conducting a character test is unavoidable by any organization seeking the right persons for their teams. The essence of this test is to ask candidates relevant questions that reveal desired traits. The test is designed with algorithms that automatically adjust the questions when the candidate starts steering away from the test.

How does the character test work?

The character test is designed with algorithms to gauge the honesty of the test taker, making it a reliable way to evaluate your candidates. The essence is to gauge the traits that make an individual who they are: their words, their thoughts, their values, and their actions. Your focus is always to choose a candidate who portrays the most positive characters.

How to order a character test

  • The character test can be ordered for current employees or a candidate from our order page
  •  The starting rate for each test stands at € 45
  • The candidates or employees for whom you ordered the test can access it in an hour
  • The system automatically generates a report after test completion
  • You have access to our TestGroup consultant to take you through the report for free
  • We recommend that you open an account on our online assessment platform if you have a high volume of use

Features to expect

Most employers love conducting the character test as part of their recruitment and coaching planning. It helps give them confidence that they have the right persons on their team, hence set on the path to success. The character test is flexible because you can add preferred competencies that you want to appear on the custom reports.

  • Designed for recruitment and development of your employees
  • It is the most widely adopted character test across Europe
  • Compatible with the Bridge Personality team report
  • Does not need any training to get started
  • It supports 20 languages, including English, French, German, Dutch, and Spanish
  • The test gauges the candidate’s honesty at the time of completion
  • You can tailor the report to your preferred competencies
  • The test has a strong scientific backing

Is the character test really necessary?

Yes! Any professional needs to undertake the character test as it influences their career growth. The character test ensures that employers match employees with relevant responsibilities and make a conclusive employee development plan. The test incorporates algorithms that gauge honesty, meaning that you can always count on the results obtained to make crucial management decisions. The test results are a true and clear picture of your employee’s or candidate’s traits.

What next?

Would you like a character test that prevents the test taker from lying through the test? And automatically generates reports to help recruit, coach, and hit sales targets? Use our world-leading character testing tool, and we guarantee you that you will not feel disappointed.

Character test reports

As your employees and candidates complete the character test, the character test report will prove helpful when making decisions on how to act. The character test reports give insights that streamline coaching, recruitment, teamwork and achieving sales targets. You can also customize the reports to get specific information as desired.

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  • After completion, the assessment report will be directly available.
  • Companies and organizations can pay with an invoice afterwards.
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