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Cognitive ability test: The Bridge Ability Suite

The Bridge Ability is often used in work settings. It can be used to examine whether an employee can move on to a position at a higher level. Or it can be used to determine the IQ or cognitive ability of an (external) applicant. The Bridge Ability Suite provides an accurate prediction of a person's ability to take on a new position or novel training. You can use this test to identify high flyers.

How does it work?

The Bridge Ability Suite cognitive ability test (or IQ test) measures the cognitive ability of those with an MBO education level up to and including WO, aged 15 to 65 years. With the help of The Bridge Ability Suite, a prediction can be made about a person's maximum performance level (educational level or professional level) along with an indication of their intelligence (IQ).

How to start

  • You can order The Bridge Ability Suite for your candidates.
  • Select 'Cognitive Ability Test' and choose the level (MBO/HBO/WO) from the order page.
  • Rates starting from € 75!
  • Only available for business and organizations.
  • We will create the Ability Suite for your candidate the same day.
  • Your candidate completes the test.
  • If needed, a TestGroup consultant can guide you through the report over the phone.
  • Planning on using tests and online assessments in high volume? Opt for a more cost-efficient corporate account on the Bridge Assessment Platform.


With a cognitive ability test, you can determine whether your candidate or employee can handle a higher vocational education level. This way, you can decide whether it makes sense to invest in a college education for your employee. Or you can measure during selection or recruitment your candidate’s vocational education level.

  • Time: 3x 18 minutes;
  • Available at intermediate, bachelor and university levels;
  • Available in 20 languages, including Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish;
  • Online, reliable and scientifically based;
  • The Bridge Ability Suite consists of three tests: verbal ability, numerical ability and logical thinking;
  • The tests can be administered separately or in combination;
  • Measure mental ability, including problem solving ability;
  • Provides insight into how quickly an employee can adapt.

Why The Bridge Ability Suite?

The Bridge Ability Suite is a professional cognitive ability test that consists of three parts: the Bridge Verbal, the Bridge Numeric and the Bridge Abstract. This ability test is available at the MBO (intermediate), HBO (bachelor) and WO (university) levels. You can order this test separately (per candidate) or via your own account on the Bridge Assessment Platform.

Sample reports: The Bridge Ability Suite

There are three reports available for The Bridge Ability Suite: the Bridge Abstract report, the Bridge Numeric report and the Bridge Verbal report.

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