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Online sales test

Have you ever been approached on the street to subscribe to a newspaper? And do you sometimes receive a phone call in the evening about expanding your internet package? Salespeople who are nice, outgoing, emotionally stable, and accommodating are most likely to sell you something.

Scientific research into sales assessments

Test publisher TestGroup has done extensive research to predict sales or sales results with online sales tests.

Some hightlights from the research:

  • An online sales test can be used to accurately predict sales performance.
  • Salespeople who score high on certain factors appear to sell more and receive a better overall rating from their managers.
  • Specific characteristics, such as maintaining sales administration, turn out to be better predicted by specific characteristics such as orientation to detail.
  • Sellers who are open to new experiences also appear to do well.


The online sales test lists all commercial success and risk factors of a candidate for you in a clear and compact report. The report presents scores on the six steps of sales and the scores on the four sales types.

The six steps of sales

In which phase(s) of the sales process does your candidate excel? The sales report shows the candidate's scores for the six sales steps: 1) Planning & preparation, 2) Making contact, 3) Building desire, 4) Presenting the options, 5) Closing the deal and 6) Managing client relationships.

The four sales types

Which sales type is the candidate? In the sales report you can see scores of the candidate top four sales types: Hunter, Consultant, Farmer, and Negotiator.

  • All commercial success and risk factors of a candidate in a row;
  • You will receive a clear and compact sales assessment report;
  • In the report, you will find scores for the six steps of sales and the scores for the four sales types;
  • Online, reliable, and scientifically based;
  • Rates starting from € 95!


The online sales test is an online assessment that not only provides insight into personality, work behavior, and competencies, but also outlines the sales type of your salesperson. Is your employee a Hunter, Farmer, Consultant, or Negotiator? Will your employee be highly successful in the planning phase, or will your employee excel in making the deal? The online sales assessment is the ideal tool when you want answers to these questions in a quick, clear, and reliable way

Sample reports

When taking the online sales test, you will receive two reports: the sales report and an extensive personality report. Combined, you will have a complete picture of the sales skills of your candidate. Because TestGroup itself is a test publisher, we can administer the online sales assessment in many languages. We are also happy to advise you on the application of the online sales assessment for a specific sales position.

Video: The Bridge Sales Assessment

The Bridge Sales Assessment allows you to back up your gut feeling with validated science. This will prevent you from hiring a ‘false-positive’ and is the best way to reduce the odds of making a bad sales hire.

With the Bridge sales assessment you can choose the candidate with the greatest potential to succeed in the sales role. The online sales assessment lists all commercial success and risk factors of a candidate in a clear and compact report.

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