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Pre-employment assessment tools

Employers often have a hard time choosing the right person to join their team. That's because most jobs need employees with certain skills and personality traits. A pre-employment assessment tool makes it possible to accurately and quickly assess candidates and determine their suitability for the organization. A effective pre-assessment employment tool should provide clear and objective information that you can confidently depend on to make hiring decisions. With such a tool, your organization can quickly identify high performers, reduce hirings costs, and recognize areas within people that would benefit from further coaching and development.

What is a pre-employment assessment tool?

A pre-employment assessment tool refers to a meticulously coded software program that seeks to automate the hiring process. Such a tool relies on insights to generate an accurate prediction of employee success. It ought to measure their problem-solving skills as well as their personality traits. When using a pre-employment assessment tool, you not only get to select the best candidate but also one who aligns with your organization's culture.

When planning to use a pre-employment assessment test, you have the liberty to choose a tool that handles specific tests on your candidates.

When planning to use a pre-employment assessment test, you have the liberty to choose a tool that handles specific tests on your candidates.

The tool could test for:

  • Candidate’s personality – Our Personality Test assesses the candidates to gauge whether they possess the traits you’re looking for.
  • Candidate’s cognitive ability – The Bridge Ability Suite is designed to test the cognitive ability of your candidates. It gives an accurate picture of the person's ability to the handle roles of the new position or undergo novel training.
  • Online interview – Using The Bridge AI online interview tool helps you save time and money during the initial stages of the hiring process. Incorporating artificial intelligence in the hiring process is crucial for faster selection and recruitment of candidates.

Benefits of pre-employment assessment tools

No employer can afford to ignore the relevance of a pre-employment assessment tool. Here are some of the benefits of such a tool:

1. Has readily available skill tests

Each job requires particular skills, and recruiters may face difficulty evaluating each candidate's skills. Whether your focus is to assess one candidate or several of them, using pre-employment assessment tools gives you access to readily defined skills that you may use. You can also further customize the expected skills as per your requirements.

2. Creates a great candidate experience

When an applicant for your vacancy has a negative experience with the hiring process, it may translate to a bad perception of your company. The success of your recruitment strategy is closely tied to delivering a great candidate experience. These tools provide feedback to candidates and can advise them on the areas that they should work on. Candidates may feel encouraged to spread the message to their friends and family, which leads to more referrals.

3. Has safeguards against cheating

Pre-assessment employment tools feature anti-cheating safeguards that allow you to conduct secured online, proctored assessments without requiring any supervision. The tool can image the proctoring and implement user-level control that would have triggered cheating.

4. Saves time

The time taken to hire new candidates has a significant impact on the company in many ways. The most impactful demerit is the loss of productivity time and revenue. As a result of the long and time-consuming hiring processes, candidates can lose interest and even accept alternative offers. The pre-hire assessment tools are designed to save on time by 50%.

5. Better reports

The beauty of a pre-employment assessment tool lies not within conveniently conduct interviews; It becomes more impactful when you receive detailed reports at the end of an assessment. The report has a quick analysis of how the candidate performed, splitting this analysis into sections so that you hire the right candidate.

Features to consider in assessment tools for new hires

As you select an employment assessment tool, you want to ensure that it meets all your requirements. Consider the following features when choosing such a tool:

1. Process improvement

The pre-employment assessment tool must be designed to improve the current hiring process. The tool chosen must have automated elements and be easy to use so that candidates can complete their application for a vacancy in the shortest time possible. Improving your hiring process also impacts the candidates positively, and they are likely to refer you.

2. Comprehensive evaluation

You may want to choose a tool that effectively evaluates your candidates and narrows the field of qualified candidates. The tool must comprehensively assess the required knowledge, abilities, and skills.

3. Automated assessment

There are certain elements of your assessment that happen repeatedly. Automating these parts can significantly enhance your assessment and save you time. For example, through automation, you can create a central database for storing all your data. That simplifies the hiring process and improves the candidate experience.

4. Favorable pricing

The chosen pre-employment assessment tool should offer access to great features without unnecessarily setting you back financially. You should get different pricing options that fit your needs. Our assessment tool is designed to offer three different pricing options:

The flexibility in pricing means that you never miss out on an opportunity to use a pre-assessment tool due to the cost factor. Any option you go for allows you to make payments afterward by invoice.

Artificial intelligence in pre-employment assessment tools

Incorporating artificial intelligence in the hiring process is a game-changer for pre-employment assessment tools. With AI, these tools can deliver accurate results for a given candidate. That's because, as the candidates answer the questions asked, the AI could perform other salient assessments, such as analyzing their eye movements and general non-verbal cues.

Artificial intelligence for personality tests is a powerful development that includes ongoing machine learning, process automation, natural language processing, and pattern matching. The AI assessment tool combines these factors to analyze and interpret a vast amount of data.

Artificial intelligence improves pre-employment assessment by adding precision, reducing bias, enhancing efficiency, and transparency.


Implementing a pre-employment assessment tool can create a great difference as you get ready to improve your hiring process. Such a tool not only automates your hiring process but also places safeguards against cheating, delivers great candidate experience, and generates accurate reports for faster decision-making.

Sample reports

Because TestGroup is a test developer, we have access to many different pre-employment assessment tools in a variety of languages. You can choose from a personality test, competency test, ability test, career test, or sales test. You can select which test you’d like to include in the pre-employment assessment. If you are unsure of which one to use, we will, of course, be happy to advise you on the most suitable test for a specific position.

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