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Team Assessment

A team assessment is an evaluation that provides insight into a team's strengths and weaknesses. In this assessment, each team member completes their own personality report. Then, from these reports, a comprehensive team report is created. Team performance in an important part of any organization, as a company is only as successful as its teams. Unfortunately, many teams may not be as successful as their leader’s wish they would be. A team assessment will help you optimize your team's performance.

This pervasive issue often leaves organizations wondering how they can discriminate whether their teams are functioning to the best of their ability or if they are well-aligned in terms of skillsets and personalities. A professional team assessment is the surest way to get these answers. At TestGroup, we offer comprehensive team assessments and subsequent team reports that can shed more light on the overall setup of your group.

What is a team assessment?

A team assessment encompasses a series of tests undertaken to thoroughly evaluate your team. You may assess them to know whether they meet the requirements to be part of the team, whether members are comfortable working together, or if their different personalities match the team's mandate.

The most crucial part of a team assessment lies in the reports that you get from this evaluation. Using a tool such as Bridge Personality Team Workshop can reveal a wide range of information that can help you enhance your team's performance.

With the Bridge Personality Team Report, you can learn about all members’ diverse traits, which form the basis of conflict resolution, problem-solving, and ongoing collaboration.

Importance of a team assessment

Should you care about team assessment? Absolutely!

  • Team insights: By conducting team assessments, you can learn about members' strengths and weaknesses. These insights will allow you to make the most of their strongest points and work on their areas needing improvement.
  • Roles assignment: Even though your team works collectively toward a goal, you need to assign roles to individual members. An assessment helps you determine which roles best suit which team members. The result is a cohesive, synergistic team that correctly utilizes everyone’s strengths for success.
  • Improves communication: The Bridge Personality team workshop can help provide insights about colleagues' behaviors, which can help you establish certain behavioral patterns to bolster effective team communication.
  • Enhances working experience: When each team member understands each other's traits, they can use that as a guide for how to best interact. This, in turn, will help to build a pleasant working environment, and the team can collaboratively achieve better results.

There’s only more to gain by conducting team assessments. You should consider conducting workshop assessments on teams of at least three people and a maximum of twelve.

Are you struggling with a sluggish and low-performing team? Start by assessing them today using Bridge Personality Team Report and Bridge Personality Team Workshop to learn how to improve performance.

What to look for in a team assessment?

If you plan on conducting a team assessment, you should always choose a tool that can get the work done the right way. Consider these factors when choosing as assessment:

  • Can generate comprehensive reports for each team member
  • Is user-friendly and accessible online
  • Has favorable prices
  • Shares practical tips and exercises
  • Offers concrete advice for improving problem-solving, communication, and conflict management
  • Gives you the option of going through the reports with an experienced and knowledgeable consultant

Are you struggling with a sluggish and low-performing team? Start by assessing them today using Bridge Personality Team Report and Bridge Personality Team Workshop to learn how to improve performance.

Sample reports team assessment

You will receive a Bridge Personality Color report for each team member. This report is required by the participants during the team session. You will also receive a Bridge Personality team report for the entire team. The reports available in English and Dutch.

Frequently asked questions about TestGroup's team assessment

  • What is a team assessment?

  • A team assessment is an excellent tool for improving communication, collaboration, and team performance. In team assessments, all team members complete a personality test, and then a team report is available for the team.

  • How can I order the assessment for teams

  • At TestGroup, we offer three different ways to order a team assessment. You can buy a separate team assessment, which is useful for small orders. In addition, it is possible to order via credits for a slightly larger purchase. For large companies or purchases, we offer an account with unlimited use. You can order everything on the order page . Do you want to know whether the team assessment is suitable for your team? You can always call us at 020-2621630 for free advice from our consultants.

  • Is training necessary to use an assessment for my team?

  • Preliminary training is certainly not necessary to get started with the team assessment. Should you still need extra help deciphering the reports, our customer service employees are always available by phone. If you want to hire a trainer to work with your team for a day or half a day, that is of course also possible. You can then book an in-company Bridge Personality team workshop.

  • What are the costs of the team assessment?

  • Depending on how you purchase tests, the assessment will come at a different cost. For individual purchases, we have a minimum price of € 145 per (individual) Bridge Personality report and € 175 for a team report. As an example, for a team of 4 people, the costs are four times the individual Bridge Personality report (€580 total), and once the team report (€175), the total price of the team assessment is then €755.

    If you opt for credits, then the costs of a team session are much lower. The minimum price is €15 per report. If you have an unlimited use account with TestGroup, you must only pay a minimum amount of €5 per report.

  • How quickly are the team reports available?

  • Typically, our reports are sent within 30 minutes by our customer service representatives. However, if you have an account on the Bridge Assessment Platform, the reports are immediately available.

  • For whom is this team tool available for?

  • Our team assessments are only available for companies and organizations. Private individuals cannot purchase or order this assessment.

  • Does the assessment use the well-known 4 colors?

  • Yes, the color preference of all team members is determined in the individual report. In the team reports, the color preferences of all team members are displayed in a nice team wheel. This way you have a perfect overview of your team.

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  • After completion, the assessment report will be directly available.
  • Companies and organizations can pay with an invoice afterwards.
  • All prices of the tests & online assessments can be found on the price page.

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