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Bridge Personality Team workshop: do-it-yourself kit

What goals do you want to achieve with your team? Where are there areas for improvement and where could your team use extra motivation? The Bridge Personality team workshop helps teams gain insight to perform better. In the team workshop: do-it-yourself package, we give you all the tools necessary to organize your own team workshop. This workshop makes use of an individual Bridge Personality report for each team member and the Bridge Personality team report for the entire team. All the materials you need for your team workshop are included in the do-it-yourself kit so you can get started right away.

Bridge Personality Team workshop: do-it-yourself kit

No matter what team you work with, The Bridge Personality's team report helps people work better together to bring overall organizational success. The Bridge Personality provides unique insight into what motivates people. By reading the report, you can quickly understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses, and deploy exercises and advice to increase team performance.

With the 'do-it-yourself-package' you get all the materials necessary to host your very own team workshop. Of course, you will also receive guidance from a TestGroup consultant. If desired, a consultant will go through the reports and sheets of the team workshop with you so you feel confident to start working with your team yourself.

How does the do-it-yourself kit work?

  • Step 1: Order a team workshop for your team here: do-it-yourself kit;
  • Step 2: A TestGroup consultant will contact you to discuss the team workshop;
  • Step 3: Each participant completes The Bridge Personality and receives a personal Bridge Personality 4-color report;
  • Step 4: The Bridge Personality Team Report is prepared for the team.
  • Step 5: You will receive a team workshop starter pack from us containing all materials (including presentation sheets);
  • Step 6: A TestGroup consultant goes through the reports and sheets with you by phone (or via zoom);
  • Step 7: By mail, you will be sent all materials for the workshop (including handy booklets for each participant and 4-color cards);
  • Step 8: You are ready for the team workshop

Topics covered in the team workshop

The Bridge Personality team workshop will increase your knowledge of your own behavior and that of your colleagues. This makes communication and behavior patterns visible, helps prevent conflicts, supports smoother collaboration, and leads to overall greater team success. After the workshop, each team member receives the Bridge Personality team report and their own personal Bridge Personality Colour report.

  • Become aware of your preferred work/communication styles and that of your team;
  • Improve communication within the team;
  • Learn to make the best use of the differences in your team;
  • Contribute to the individual development of your team members;
  • Improve cooperation by recognizing and appreciating the differences between team members;
  • Create a pleasant working environment in which the talents of all team members are maximized.

For whom?

The Bridge Personality team workshop is suitable for teams between 3 and 12 people. We will teach you how to give this team workshop yourself; feel free to contact us for extra support.

Sample reports: individual report and team report

You will receive the Bridge Personality 4-color report for each team member. Participants will need this report during the team workshop. In addition, you will receive a Bridge Personality team report for the entire team. Do you prefer to also have the 16 Jung Types in the individual reports? We also have a Bridge Personality 16 Jung Type + 4 color report available.

Do-it-yourself Team Workshop

The team report produced by The Bridge Personality Test immediately gives you a clear overview of the different personalities in your team and is the perfect basis for a workshop with your team. This workshop can help improve the cooperation among team members and improve overall performance. With the do-it-yourself team workshop package, you can now organize your very own Bridge Personality team workshop.

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