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Recruiters and HR employees know that job interviews can be a time-consuming task. A recruiter who does interviews for 5 to 6 hours a day is no exception. After the interview, notes must be processed, and a test is often administered to potential candidates to gauge their personality. In short, our online tool (The Bridge AI) will save you days of work, completing the job in just seconds. Best of all, you can administer it to as many candidates as you want, all over the world.

The Bridge AI is an online interview tool that uses artificial intelligence. In the interview, candidates are invited to answer 3 open-ended questions. The software uses the answers to these questions to create a candidate report that provides scores on the Big Five personality traits and six competencies (Six Drives). Although it cannot completely replace a normal face-to-face conversation, The Bridge AI gives you enough information about candidates to make a first (pre)selection of suitable candidates.

Why the Bridge AI?

  • Save time: use the digital interview at the beginning of a recruitment process;
  • No need to wait for the face-to-face interview; take the digital interview with your candidate today;
  • The online interview tool has no prejudices, so there is more room for diversity and inclusivity;
  • Scientifically developed, based on AI (artificial intelligence);
  • Save costs: fewer face-to-face interviews needed;
  • Available in Dutch and English;

The technique of The Bridge AI

The Bridge AI is an online interview tool that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), a process that enables a computer to understand human language in spoken or written form. In recruitment and selection, The Bridge AI can be used to make the recruitment process more efficient, save time, select without bias, improve the candidate’s experience, and much more.

The report: The Big Five

The Big Five theory is widely accepted among psychologists as the most valid personality model. Years of psychological research worldwide shows that you can describe someone's personality by means of five dimensions (the Big Five), which are Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism (emotional stability). The scores on these five characteristics provide a good picture of the candidate as a person. Together, the five scores generate a unique personality profile.

The report: The Six Drives

The scores on the Six Drives (Analytical, Collaborative, Achievement-oriented, Status-oriented, Reward-driven and Risk-oriented) make it possible to understand what drives someone's behavior. In this way, it becomes clear whether the candidate is motivated by the need for achievement and self-actualization, dominance, reward, avoidance of risk or by displaying risk-seeking behavior.

How to order The Bridge AI

  • The Bridge AI is only available for businesses and organizations;
  • The Bridge AI is free for account holders on the Bridge Assessment Platform;
  • Contact us to use The Bridge AI for your candidate or employee;
  • We will set up The Bridge AI within 30 minutes;
  • After completion, the report is instantly available;
  • Rates starting from € 25 per candidate.

How does the online interview with The Bridge AI work?

The Bridge AI can be used as a digital interview tool during the early stages of a recruitment process. Although it cannot completely replace a normal face-to-face conversation, The Bridge AI gives you enough information about the candidates to make a first (pre) selection of suitable candidates. Your candidate answers the 3 open-ended questions from The Bridge AI in an online application, at home or at the office. The report with the 3 interview answers, the Big Five scores, and the scores on the Six Drives is immediately available.

How do you combine The Bridge AI with other assessment tools?

While the Bridge AI provides global scores on the Big Five, it cannot replace a personality test such as The Bridge Personality. This test calculates scores on 34 Big Five competencies that give more detailed personality traits of your candidate. Therefore, The Bridge AI can be used to get a global overview of your candidates' personality in the early stages (before the actual interview) of the recruitment process. A personality test can then be used for the candidate(s) you have selected with the Bridge AI. This saves you time (fewer interviews) and money (fewer personality tests).

Sample Report: The Bridge AI

The report of The Bridge AI gives, in addition to the answers to the 3 interview questions, scores on the Big Five personality traits (Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Emotional stability/Neuroticism) and the Six Drives (Analytical, Collaboration, Achievement-oriented, Focused on status, Reward driven and Risk oriented).

Video: the Bridge Assessment Platform

With an account on the Bridge Assessment Platform, you can invite candidates, take online interviews, use online assessments and order reports, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world. The Bridge Assessment platform is used by companies, governments, psychologists, recruiters, and coaches in over 20 countries. The system is easy to use, so there is no need for extensive training. Also, you can start immediately; your account will be ready in just 1 day.

Order your test & online assessments here

  • You can order a test or online assessment here.
  • We will create & send the online assessment within 30 just minutes.
  • Please contact us if you need advice on which type of test or online assessment to use.
  • All prices of the tests & online assessments can be found on the price page.





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