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Competency test for recruitment and development

With a competency test you can map out the competencies of your candidates during selection or recruitment. In addition, these tests are often used when evaluating existing employees. For example for development or coaching. The Bridge Personality competency test is ideally suited for testing competencies and measures 34 Big Five competencies as standard. Of course it is also possible to adjust the competences in this test in a customized report. As a result, this test can be used for every job profile.

Why this competency test:

The Bridge Personality is a professional competency test. This test has been specially developed for use within companies and organizations. You can use it for the recruitment, selection and development of your employees. The competency test measures 34 competencies that you can match with any job profile. These competencies are linked to the Big Five model of personality. More information about these competencies can be found here.

Order a competency test

The competency test can be ordered as a separate test (per item) or via your own account on the TestGroup assessment platform.

  • You can order a competency test for your candidate (single use).
  • Select 'Personality Test' from the order page.
  • Rates starting from € 110!
  • Only available for businesses and organizations.
  • We will create the competency test for your candidate the same day.
  • Ask your candidate to complete the test.
  • If needed, a TestGroup consultant can guide you through the report over the phone.
  • Planning on using tests and online assessments in high volume? Opt for a more cost-efficient corporate account on the Bridge Assessment Platform.

Features of the competency test

  • The competency test measures 34 competencies;
  • Can be used for selection and development of personnel;
  • Determine whether your candidate has been honest during the completion;
  • Available in multiple languages;
  • Online, reliable, and scientifically-based;

Based on scientific research

All Bridge instruments have been developed by TestGroup's Research & Development team, in collaboration with universities at home and abroad. TestGroup specializes in predicting work behavior with personality questionnaires and cognitive ability tests. We advise organizations worldwide on the application of online assessments. TestGroup also regularly publishes scientific articles about online assessments together with universities. Through this link, you can view one of our studies. Should you have any questions about the use of online assessments, please feel free to contact TestGroup Amsterdam at 020-2621630.

Competency test reports

There are 6 different competency reports available for the competency test (The Bridge Personality), with the purpose of recruitment, coaching, sales and teams. Custom reports are also available for The Bridge Personality. With The Bridge Personality custom report, you can choose the competencies to be included in the report.

Video : Competency Test

Are you looking for the best competency test available? A competency questionnaire that prevents your candidates from faking their answers? A test that can be used for recruitment, coaching and improving sales performance? Welcome to The Bridge Personality, a world-leading competency test that helps organizations to recruit, select, and develop the best employees.

Frequently asked questions about TestGroup's Competency Test

  • How can I order competency tests from TestGroup?

  • You can order our competency tests in three different ways. On the one hand, you can order them separately, which is convenient for small quantities. Or you can also purchase tests using our credit system. And for companies that want to purchase large quantities, we also offer the option of a subscription. You can find more information on our pricing page.

  • Who can order the competency tests?

  • Our competency tests are only available to companies, organizations and governments, not to individuals. You can order a competency test at our order page.

  • What is the competency test used for?

  • Our competency tests are mainly used during selection processes, as they provide a picture of candidates' personalities and competencies. In addition, it is also certainly possible to use the test on your current employees to better employ them in your company.

  • How much does a competency test cost?

  • The price for a single competency test starts at €115. The price of this test is much lower (from €5,-), if you take the test via credits or a subscription for personal use.

  • Is training necessary to use this competency assessment?

  • If you want to take this competency assessment, it is not necessary to take a training course first. When using the report, it is always possible to contact our customer service consultants. They can go through the report with you over the phone. This will take you 15 minutes and then you can get started right away.

  • How soon is the competency report available?

  • Normally, competency test reports are sent within 30 minutes of completion of the test, by one of our customer service representatives. For account holders of The Bridge Assessment Platform, the reports are of course available immediately.

  • What reports are available for this competency assessment?

  • Six reports are available for the competency test, specifically for recruitment, coaching, sales and teams. But you can also have a customized report compiled, depending on the competencies you want to test.

  • On what scientific theory are these competency tests based?

  • TestGroup's competency tests are based on the scientifically-developed Big Five model of personality. The test report provides scores on 34 competencies linked to the Big Five.

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  • The test remains available until the participant has completed it.
  • After completion, the assessment report will be available immediately.

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Easy online payment after delivery of the test or online assessment. High volume use? Get your own account on our online assessment platform.

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