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16 Personalities Test

The 16 personalities test is a highly accurate tool for getting to know your staff better. This test maps different behavioral characteristics based on the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung's personality paradigm. It provides a foundation for estimating how your staff will get through tough times or for forming effective teams inside your firm or business.

Why use this 16 personalities test?

Because this 16 personality test uses algorithms to measure whether your candidate has been honest during completion, you always get a reliable and valid picture of your candidate or employee.

How to start

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  • At the order page, choose 'personality test' and select the '16 jung types & colour report'
  • Your employee or candidate can start with the test within just 1 hour;
  • After completion, the 16 personalities report is immediately available;
  • As a complementary service, a TestGroup consultant can guide you through the report;
  • Rates start at € 45 per test;
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What are the 16 personality types?

The Analysts

The analysts are the first of the 16 categories—personalities of resourceful people who are frequently highly interested and continually looking for new information. The architect is the first kind we come across in this category (INTJ). These are creative and strategic thinkers who are flexible with their strategies in different situations.

There's also the logician to consider (INTP). These are very creative workers who have an unquenchable need for information—having commanders (ENTJ) as workers puts them in a stronger position to lead. They are courageous individuals who always discover or provide a solution.

The debater is the last analyst in the group (ENTP). These are sharp, curious minds who will put you to the test intellectually.

The Diplomats

Diplomats are the next group of the 16 personalities. They are characterized by people who are quieter but may be incredibly creative. The first is the attorney (INFJ). An example of this type is employees who are often calmer and mysterious but who may still be incredibly motivating.

Aside from the lawyer, there is also the mediator (INFP). They are very poetic, generous, selfless, and always have a good objective in mind. The protagonist is whichever among the diplomats is more of a leader type (ENFJ). Everyone likes to listen to them because they are so captivating and motivating. ENFJs are people-pleasers at heart. They are outgoing, idealistic, charismatic, opinionated, moral, and ethical individuals. This mix of characteristics guarantees that an ENFJ can generally interact with people from various backgrounds and personalities. ENFJs depend on intuition and emotions more than logic, preferring to live in their imagination rather than the actual world. This may be difficult for both the person and others around them. Rather than focusing on the "now" and what is occurring, ENFJs like to ponder the abstract and what might happen in the future.

Of course, lastly, there is the campaigner (ENFP), an energetic, creative, and social worker who is always happy to see you smile.

The Sentries

The sentries are the third of the 16 personality types. They are realistic and motivated individuals that would be beneficial to any firm. Whoever has a logistician (ISTJ) on his team should expect dependability, as well as a realistic, fact-based perspective. The ISTJ personality type might be frightening to approach, especially if they have never been in a relationship. ISTJs project a serious and formal demeanor. This personality type puts a high priority on tradition and traditional values. The ISTJ values patience, hard labor, honor, and social and cultural responsibility. They are restrained, serene, peaceful, and self-assured. These characteristics are the outcome of a mix of introversion, sensing, reasoning, and judging. Therefore, this personality type is sometimes misconstrued.

Defenders (ISFJ) are devoted, caring guardians who, as the name implies, go to great lengths to protect their loved ones. The executives are, not surprisingly, the leaders of the sentries’ group (ESTJ). They are the best personalities to put in a managerial position since they are unrivaled.

The consul is the final class of sentry (ESFJ). These are workers who are always willing to assist. They are highly compassionate and, since they are so gregarious, they are often quite popular.

The Scouts

Scouts can be found in the last category of the 16 types. They are people who are very active and impulsive and who are constantly eager to try new things, such as the virtuoso (ISTP), who is swift with numerous instruments and tools and brave and practical.

The adventurers (ISFP), on the other hand, are versatile and endearing performers. They are constantly up for new experiences. Anyone who works with entrepreneurs (ESTP) knows how much they appreciate living on the edge all the time. They are athletic but also incredibly intelligent and wise.

The entertainer is the final of the 16 categories (ESFP). The name says it all: there’s never a dull moment with them! Entertainers are outgoing, lively folks who are always ready for a team-building activity or a Friday night drink.

16 personalities test: The Bridge Personality

The Bridge Personality is a personality test designed primarily for use in the workplace. This intelligent test guarantees that the applicant is only asked questions that are relevant to them. The Bridge Personality test employs algorithms that alter the questions in the exam if the subject attempts to 'steer' the test or fill it in with socially acceptable answers.


  • The Bridge Personality test is the most popular tool for employee selection and development
  • Can be used for employee selection and development.
  • Based on the Big Five, the sixteen Jung Types, and the well-known four-color model.
  • There are 20 languages available, including Dutch, English, German, French, and Spanish.
  • It can also be utilized with the Bridge Personality team report for teams.
  • To be used in conjunction with a customized report: Choose the appropriate competencies for yourself.
  • Check to see whether your candidate was truthful when filling in.
  • The Benelux's most popular personality test.

Has Your Candidate Been Truthful? Learn More About Normative-Ipsative Split Technology®.

Normative-Ipsative split technology® is used in current (adaptive) tests such as The Bridge Personality. The Bridge Personality uses AI (artificial intelligence) to give insight into managing reaction behavior. Normative-Ipsative splits® are report indications that may reflect the degree of guiding response behavior at the competence level. This way, you can observe precisely where a candidate had reservations or attempted to finish the exam in a socially acceptable manner—a must-have tool when it comes to applicant selection.

The Bridge Personality, a contemporary (adaptive) personality test, employs both normative as well as ipsative answers. The candidate rates a statement on a scale of one to nine (1 = very strongly disagree, nine = very strongly agree). In this scenario, ipsative indicates that the applicant rates query from one to six (1 being the least appropriate to me, six being the most applicable).

Combining normative as well as ipsative statements provides insight into socially acceptable response behavior and consenting replies up to the personality dimension level. The Bridge Personality Report then gives insight into guiding response behavior by using Normative-Ipsative split technology®. This allows you to discover precisely where a candidate has reservations. This uncertainty often gives valuable information about the applicant's abilities to improve—an essential tool for candidate coaching and growth.

Reports: 16 personalities test

For the 16 personalities test, there are six different reports available. Reports are available for recruiting, coaching, sales, and teams. Custom reports are, of course, also available. The competencies that would be included in the report may then be selected.

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