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The Bridge Career: Professional Study Choice Test

The Bridge Career is the most comprehensive study choice test available for HBO (bachelor) and WO (university) students. Calculates your scores for 200 professions and 134 higher vocational education / university studies. Get started right away: your order will be processed within 30 minutes. Order now and enjoy the temporary promotional price of € 89! (Regular price: € 119)

How does it work?

The Bridge Career is a professional study choice test. As a highly comprehensive test (318 questions), it allows for a thorough examination of your study preferences. The result is an extensive study choice report that tells you everything about the higher vocational education / university courses and professions that best match your career preferences.

How to start

  • You can order a Bridge Career test for yourself or for your candidate;
  • Select 'Study Choice Test' from the order page.
  • Rates starting from € 89!
  • Available for businesses, organizations and private individuals.
  • We will create and send you the access details for the Bridge the same day.
  • The candidate completes the test.
  • Planning on using a high volume of tests and online assessments? Enjoy a more cost-efficient corporate account on the Bridge Assessment Platform.


The Bridge Career test gives you more insight into your preferences for university and higher professional education in the Netherlands. It is a comprehensive test and thus ensures a very thorough examination of your study choices.

  • Latest technology: get better advice using sophisticated algorithms (AI);
  • Most comprehensive study choice test available for HBO (bachelor) and WO (university) students;
  • Duration: 35 minutes;
  • Gives you scores on 200 professions and 134 HBO / WO studies;
  • Gives you an overview of the professions that really suit you;
  • Developed in collaboration with Utrecht University;
  • Get started right away: your order will be processed within 30 minutes;
  • Indicates which HBO / WO studies suit you best (from highest to lowest).

Why The Bridge Career?

No idea what university or bachelor education to choose? Does everything seem fun and interesting? Or do you have absolutely no idea which training or education program might suit you? Do you have to choose a study program from the many hundreds of courses? Or are you currently enrolled in a college or university education that isn’t working for you? The Bridge Career gives you deep insight into your preferences. The Bridge is generally easy to complete and is a relatively inexpensive and quick means of gaining insight into your study options.

Sample report: The Bridge Career

The Bridge Career report describes your preferences in more than 200 HBO / WO professions and studies. Your courses and professions are displayed from top to bottom, so you know exactly which professions suit you best. The report also includes your scores on 8 career anchors. Career anchors are the factors you find most important in your work and education. Are you curious about your report? Then take The Bridge Career test.

Video: the Bridge Career

Are you looking for a professional study choice test? The Bridge Career is the most comprehensive professional career test in the Netherlands and abroad. With the Bridge Career, you get insight into your preferences for bachelor and university courses and professions. The Bridge Career is kept continuously up-to-date, enabling you to choose a profession that is relevant today.

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