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Burnout test for professionals

With a professional burnout test you not only gain insight into burnout symptoms but also into the work happiness of your client or employee. The Bridge Burnout Indicator is scientifically developed to prevent burnout in employees. The Bridge Burnout Indicator is a burnout test specifically aimed at professional users. This test uses algorithms to give a reliable and valid indication for the development of burnout.

Measure burnout and happiness at work

The Bridge Burnout indicator is unique because the test not only measures burnout but also the happiness of the client at work. This is important because the happiness present at work is also important for whether or not a client develops burnout.

Burnout is measured with scores on 4 dimensions: General tiredness (1), Mental distance from work (2), Cognitive overload (3) and Emotional overload (4). Job happiness is measured with scores on: Involvement with Work (1), Proactive Vitality (2), Work Satisfaction and Involvement with the Organisation (4).

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Prevent a burnout with a test

Every year, very many people experience burnout. Each year the number is steadily increasing, indicating an ever-growing problem. Burnout is much easier to prevent than to cure. This is why it is so important to identify early indications of possible burnout in employees.

The Bridge Burnout Indicator is a test that is specifically suited to prevent burnout in employees. Scientific research has shown that the timely identification of indications of burnout can prevent actual burnout. This is very important for organizations because the loss of staff with burnout is a very large cost for companies.

Kenmerken van de burn-out test

  • Measures the causes of (excessive) work pressure;
  • Provides scores on burnout and happiness at work;
  • Available in Dutch and English;
  • Can be used separately (per client) or through a subscription;
  • Identifies the most common signs and symptoms of stress and burnout;
  • Indicates job satisfaction and commitment of the employee;
  • Measures the (proactive) vitality of the client;
  • The most used professional burn-out test in the Benelux.

New technique for timely burnout detection: Normative-Ipsative split technology ®

Burnout often occurs because the signs are not noticed in time by the employer. This is because standard burnout tests and questionnaires are not good at noticing preliminary stages of burnout. As a result, employees continue to work with complaints and burnout develops.

For this reason, TestGroup has developed a technique that uses artificial intelligence to adapt the questions in the test to the client's answers. This technique is called Normative-Ipsative split technology®. With this AI (artificial intelligence) based technique, The Bridge Burnout Indicator makes doubts in the client's answering behavior transparent. This information is crucial in signaling the development of burnout.

Sample Report

The beautifully designed report of The Bridge Burnout Indicator gives an overall burnout score but also scores on the 4 dimensions of burnout. In addition, the report gives a score on job satisfaction and also scores on the 4 dimensions of job satisfaction. The report compares the client's scores with a norm group. This norm group consists of 500 people who have previously completed this burnout test.

Burnout Test for professionals

The best way to prevent burnout in employees is to promote job happiness. You can do this with The Bridge Burnout Indicator. This online test measures both work happiness and indications of incipient burnout. Companies and organizations can easily identify which employees are at risk of burnout and which ones are content in their jobs. 

Frequently Asked Questions about The Bridge Burnout Indicator

  • What is the difference between The Bridge Burnout Indicator and a free burnout test?

  • The Bridge Burnout Indicator is the only burnout test that measures both burnout and happiness at work, there are no free tests that do that. In addition, at The Bridge Burnout Indicator you get a professional report for your client or employee, with free testing there is usually no report available.

  • What can you do as an employer about burnout prevention?

  • Recovering from burnout can take months, sometimes even years. It is therefore a good idea to think about prevention. Preventing burnout among your employees is possible by identifying early signs of burnout with The Bridge Burnout Indicator. This way you as an employer know what the situation is with happiness at work and any indications of a starting burnout among your employees. By being there early, you can help your employees with burnout prevention and save costs in the long term.

  • What are the 4 dimensions of burnout?

  • The Bridge Burnout Indicator distinguishes between 4 dimensions when mapping burnout. The first dimension is 'general tiredness’. People who score high on this have no energy and feel physically exhausted. The second dimension is ‘mental distance from work'. Clients who score high on this sometimes even withdraw physically and avoid contacts with others, such as colleagues. The third dimension is 'cognitive overload'. People with high scores on this dimension find clear thinking and learning new things difficult. The fourth and final dimension is 'emotional overload'. People with a high score on this dimension have a low tolerance limit and quickly feel frustrated and irritated, which can cause an extra violent reaction. These 4 scores together form a burn-out score.

  • What does 'general tiredness' mean in The Bridge Burnout Indicator?

  • General tiredness is characterized by a structural loss of energy that is characterized by both physical tiredness and mental tiredness.

  • What is the definition of 'mental distance from work' in this burnout test?

  • Mental distance from work manifests itself in a strong aversion to and dislike of the work.

  • What is the definition of 'cognitive overload' in the burnout report?

  • Cognitive overload is characterized by memory problems, attention and concentration disorders, slower thinking and making mistakes.

  • What is 'emotional overload' in The Bridge Burnout Indicator?

  • Emotional overload is characterized by violent emotional reactions, such as anger, fear or crying fits over which someone has no control.

  • What are the 4 dimensions of happiness at work?

  • The Bridge Burnout Indicator distinguishes between 4 dimensions when mapping happiness at work. The first dimension is 'involvement with work'. People who score high on this have an energetic and effective involvement with their work. The second dimension is 'proactive vitality'. Clients who score high on this proactively ensure that they have sufficient energy, motivation and inspiration to perform well at work. The third dimension is 'work satisfaction'. People who score high on this experience a good feeling at work and become cheerful and happy when they are at work. The fourth and final dimension of happiness at work is 'involvement with the organization'. People who score high on this feel very connected and involved with the organization. Together, the scores on these 4 dimensions form an overall score on happiness at work.

  • What is 'involvement with work' in this test?

  • Involvement with work is a positive attitude of involvement with work that is characterized by energy and dedication.

  • What is the definition of 'proactive vitality'?

  • Proactive vitality is the proactive use of vitality (physical and mental energy) to perform optimally at work.

  • What does 'work satisfaction' mean in The Bridge Burnout Indicator?

  • People with work satisfaction enjoy their work and feel happy, motivated and satisfied while performing their work.

  • What is the work happiness dimension 'involvement with the organization'?

  • Employees with involvement with the organization have the feeling of 'belonging' to an organization. They are very involved in and proud of the organization they work for.

  • How can I order this professional burnout test?

  • You can order The Bridge Burnout Indicator per candidate (separately) or via a subscription. The prices of all tests can be found on our prices page. You can order a separate test or subscription on the order page.

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