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Personality Type INFJ: Advisor

INFJ personality types are empathetic and subtly inspire, with a focus on supporting the growth and development of others. They use their intuition to understand complex matters and build relationships with people. They rely on their insight and gut feeling to comprehend the emotions and motivations of others, often understanding others' feelings before they themselves are aware of them. Advisors combine this with a motivation and organizational talent to execute plans and potentially improve the lives of others. They seek meaning and the big picture in their lives, paying less attention to details. Advisors are highly focused on developing complex concepts and insights.

Preferences of the INFJ:

  • Quiet, powerful, and sensitive
  • Inclined to persevere until something is completed
  • Intuitive in dealing with people and concerned about their feelings
  • Well-developed values and principles they strictly adhere to
  • They are respected for their determination to do "the right thing"

How others view INFJs:

Advisors are often compassionate towards others, showing empathy when needed. They can sometimes be seen as enigmatic because they often keep their intuitive thoughts to themselves. When they want to express their beliefs, they may do so using many difficult words and comparisons. They value authenticity and engaged relationships. Even though advisors are often reserved, they will definitely stand up if their values are compromised.

Others see INFJs as:

  • Withdrawn
  • Individualistic
  • Compassionate
  • Intuitive

Pitfalls & development areas for INFJs:

If INFJs end up in situations where they cannot use their traits and talents, they may:

  • Provide too little information to others about the background of their decisions
  • Become critical
  • Struggle to articulate their feelings and insights
  • Stubbornly pursue their own strategy and vision.

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